I Bought Your Product – Now Quit Bugging Me

Man oh man.  Some companies surprise the heck out of me as to how they manage to stay in business.  I guess it’s because they either sell a superior product/service or they sell one that everyone wants/needs.

Last fall I bought a cell phone signal booster, obviously due to a lack of cell signal.  The phrase to focus on is “I bought“.  I didn’t think about it and then back out.  I didn’t fill out a bunch of on-line contact us/info forms.  I actually bought the product.

It works great but now I’m super annoyed that I bought it from the company that I did because now I am continuously getting emails to buy from them again.  But 90% of the spam emails that I get from them are to buy the EXACT SAME PRODUCT from them!!!

Annoyed may be too strong of an emotion for this scenario actually.  I mean, I didn’t unsubscribe from their many emails.  That’s my decision so that is on me.  The first couple emails I got from them I was surprised at their content considering I just bought that particular product, so I allowed the emails to keep coming just to see how it would all play out.  Well I’ve finally gotten to the point where I had to tell someone other than my wife – who has long stopped caring about my rant on this particular subject!

The whole ordeal got me thinking about how to communicate with clients.  How bizarre would it be for one of my customers, just a few weeks after Advanced Web Solutions designed and developed a new website for them, I asked them if they wanted a new website??  “Hey, look at all these fancy cool things that you already have.  Want some new ones the exact same as what you have now?!?!”

In this scenario, hopefully they feel we’ve done a good job of their website (and since they would have had to sign off/approve everything up to the point of the site being live – they would have to have thought so!!); both from a visual perspective and more importantly, an SEO perspective.  If so, then the next step is to educate them on the benefits of moving forward with a full blown SEO package where they could take advantage of converting the additional traffic that an SEO package would generate.  As Google’s algorithm changes over time, then there could potentially be more areas to focus on, such as Local Optimization, PPC, conversion analysis or other Internet Marketing initiatives.

I give them props for at least utilizing the information that they had on me – name, email address.  Most companies have so much valuable information about each one of their customers, yet they don’t employ it to generate more revenue.  Shame.

Well that is my latest rant!  Even though it doesn’t necessarily pertain directly to website design or SEO, I just had to get that off of my chest!


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