But My Website Already Shows At The Top of Google…

Because a number of small and medium sized businesses find their website at the top of the rankings when they type their company name into Google, they feel their website is doing its job.

Really. I’m not joking.

I always tell them that if you type in your company name and your website isn’t 1st or 2nd, you have fundamental problems that require correction immediately. Yesterday preferably.

People who type in your company name already know who you are and are likely to do do business with you no matter what in a lot of cases. If this isn’t the case, they are most likely either, 1) looking for your contact information; or 2) following up on your company that was referred to them, to make sure you are legitimate, professional and are worthy of them spending time, money or both on your products or services.

In order to make your business grow, you need to supplement your returning customers with new ones. When a prospective new client only knows what product/service they are in need of, and possibly where, that is when proper and ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pays off for your business. If you aren’t on page one of a search result, the chances of them choosing you are very slim.

So now… is your site actually working or is it just a pretty business card in the middle of the world wide web?

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