SEO Myth #4 – Black Hat SEO Works

Essentially ‘Black Hat SEO’ is utilizing techniques to improve rankings that aren’t search engine ‘approved’, or aren’t done in the spirit of what the search engines are looking for.

Black Hat SEO actually does work – so who cares what Google says?

Unfortunately Black Hat SEO doesn’t work for very long and the clean-up is painful.

Black Hat techniques such as these don't pay over the long haul

In the long run Black Hat SEO doesn’t pay

We won’t even take on a client who has dabbled with improper SEO.  Poor SEO – yes, but ‘unethical’? Not on your life.  The time is takes to bounce a website back from Google penalties isn’t worth it in my mind and I would rather put my best foot forward for a company who wants to do things right; not just looking for a quick and easy SEO solution.

SEO isn’t quick and isn’t easy.  It is something that takes a focused and strategic plan in order to maximize a company’s rankings in order to drive proper amounts of qualified prospective customers to one website versus another.

Search Engines are VERY sophisticated compared to the way they were 3, 8, 15 years ago.  They dedicate themselves to providing the best, most relevant results possible so that users will keep coming back to them time and time again.  If they provide improper, non-relevant search results, a user won’t trust them and is less likely to trust them next time.   Therefore, it is in their best interest to search out spammers and those sites that do not follow the approved guidelines that they’ve laid out.

Yes – Black Hat SEO techniques work, but only until Google notices and determines the best way to properly eliminate the value/relevancy of those sites so that they essentially never show on a SERP.

As your parents probably used to say: “If it (SEO) is worth doing (which it most certainly is!!!), than it’s worth doing right.”

Of course there is a difference between simply doing Search Engine Optimization SEO and doing it right.  If you’d like to read more about what you should expect from a proper SEO package, please take the time to read our 8 part series on what you should do to ensure that you have an all-encompassing SEO program.


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