SEO Myth #5: Multiple Domains Improve Rankings

Google limits organic search results to a total of 10 per page.  Generally, they tend to hold a domain to holding 2 of those spots.  Simple math says that if you had 5 well ranking domains, through proper SEO, that you could take over the entire first page of a search.

Simple math USED to work in the world of SEO.

Google hasn’t put a lot of effort into minimizing this loophole until recently since only a very small percentage of businesses would investigate this avenue of SEO but as search engines have tightened up their SEO guidelines more effort has been made to seek those using this practice out and minimizing its effect.

Yes, you can get around this but because Google’s algorithm is so advanced, they are able to identify these ‘infractions’ unless you take very in-depth, time-consuming and in some cases cost-prohibitive measures to get around it.

In my mind it is simply not worth it.  If you do a great job through a proper SEO campaign to maximize your relevancy in the eyes of the search engines on one site, the extra costs in time and money to do this type of work on multiple sites make it so that your ROI goes right out the window.

Basically, you used to be able to do this sort of thing, but it hasn’t been an effective way to concentrate your SEO efforts for several years now.


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