3 SEO Elements Explained – Links

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Links, or backlinks, are seen as other webpages/websites that ‘trust’ what is found on that webpage.  The more links used to equal the more ‘trust’ that page had.  The more trust, the more relevant it must be so it served up higher in the search results of a particular query.

Unfortunately, just like Website Content, backlinks/links used to be all about quantity.  Most people who claimed to do SEO work for small amount of money (one time or monthly) are utilizing methods from the past which will still work to a certain degree in a low competitive marketplace but when put to the test in a highly competitive keyword/keyword phrase or geographical area, they fall apart versus quality SEO.

Think about it this way.  How often do the results from your query have directories or other useless results at or near the top?  This is because there isn’t enough quality webpages out there to properly satisfy your query.  Now relate that back to your business.  If there isn’t much quality in regards to your online competition, Google will serve up results no matter what but if all Google has are a crappy results, that is all they can provide you.

In today’s SEO marketplace, the proper links to get are quality links.  For example if your site sells ABC widgets, then having/sharing links between the OEM widget manufacturer, your website and one of your customers who bought your widgets and told that story on their site, will all be seen as having great relevancy and will scored well by Google.  If you have a link from a Chinese located directory with no other widget links on it, that will be seen as having no value and may lead to not only scoring poorly, but actually being penalized for a poor link.



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