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Website Content

The SEO industry stole the term ‘Content is King’ from another industry but it is absolutely the truth in regards to proper and effective SEO.

Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot through the years.  It wouldn’t have had to if people hadn’t spoiled it for everyone.  At one time if you had proper SEO website architecture, you could easily tell Google what was on your page.  Google took this information as truth and offered it to their users as ‘accurate’ results to a user’s query.  People abused this and still do to this day (black-hat SEO) where there are still loop-holes.  The SEs have gotten a whole lot smarter over the years and with each algorithm update (Google had almost 400 in 2012!!) they put the squeeze on those that abuse the system.

More and more Google and other SEs are finding ways to determine if you and your website are actually accurately contributing to the knowledge base of the World Wide Web.  At one time, quantity of content would get you to the top.  Now it is all about quality of original content.  If you are using duplicate content, simply re-wording content found elsewhere or not supplying enough content that corresponds with the content found on your entire website, you will be ‘penalized’ – or at least won’t be given any credit for SEO work you’ve done.  They want QUALITY.

Unfortunately quality content can also be tweaked to make provide additional SEO credit for your website, but that is why Advanced Web Solutions is a professional organization that specializes in just such SEO matters.



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