Google Rank Guarantee

Given the track record that Advanced Web Solutions/Unwired Web Solutions has in regards to successful Search Engine Optimization programs across a wide variety of industries, we are willing to offer you a guarantee in regards to the researched and targeted keywords/phrases that our SEO program would entail for your business.

Through our Advanced SEO Package we may offer you a guarantee that all or a significant portion of the keyword phrases we target on your behalf will rank on page 1 of that particular search.  If not, we will continue to work on it at half price for 3 months and if there still isn’t enough traction, we will do it for free until we do.

Why is this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guarantee so important to the success of your online marketing?  Easy.  Check out this link to see why SEO is so important and why being on page 1 of Google versus even page 2 can make a huge difference to your business.

Also take a moment to find the answers to some frequently asked SEO questions or browse through our blog in order to get even more answers to real-world online marketing questions.

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