Why is SEO Important

SEO is actually only important to those who have a web presence and want to be found by prospective customers who aren’t necessarily aware of you or your product or service… so actually it’s important to almost every single business in Canada!

Let me explain a bit further.

The typical person looking for a product or service, generally starts their search online, and that initial entry point is almost always through a search engine such as Google, Blekko, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. When the search types in a specific query, the search engine goes into its directory of information and serves up all the webpages on the internet that meet the searches criteria.  If a website/page hasn’t been optimized using proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, it isn’t seen to be as important/relevant as other pages, therefore, the search engine ranks it much lower.

  • 5 of every 10 searchers do NOT go beyond page one of their search results, means it is quite important to have your product (not just your company name!) be on page 1.
  • of the 5 searchers that do go to page 2, half of those will carry on to page 3 and so on and so forth.
  • of the original 5 searchers that won’t go past page 1, 75% of them ONLY look at the top 3 listings.

Now you tell me where you NEED to be and if Search Engine Optimization is important to you!

Do you know what it takes in order to have a successful Search Engine Optimization program?  We do.  Check out the 3 basic elements of effective SEO.  Take a moment to click on each one to get even more detailed information.

Advanced Web Solutions can help you with your website design or your SEO program as we have examples of proven SEO results and will provide full viability into what we do each month in order to help your business be successful online.


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