SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is in a continuous state of flux so keeping on top of the SEO world and how it can effect your business is almost impossible.  That is why we have, and will continue to, provide you with answers to FAQs to various SEO questions.


Q. I already have Google Analytics on my site, but most of it doesn’t make any sense.  Basically I see that my traffic is going up/down and that’s it.  What else should I be looking at?

A. Google Analytics are a powerful tool in helping to determine the success of your website.  We incorporate them into every Advanced Web Solutions Kitchener/Waterloo website design so that when we are working on your SEO campaign, we can go through the data in an in-depth manner so that you have full viability into what we are doing in regards to your online successes as well as areas that require addressing.

Q. I know SEO is important to drive traffic to my website but I don’t want to redo my website because I just invested in a website redesign recently.  What are my options?

A. In some cases we have simply redone the website EXACTLY as it was but rebuilt it according to proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) architecture which is key in allowing user to actually find your website.  In other cases we have had the ability to work seamlessly with the current architecture to incorporate the required elements in order to allow for proper SEO work to be completed.  

Q. Why should I use a proven, professional Search Engine Optimization company to do my SEO work?  There’s a lot of information on the web about SEO.  Why not just leverage that?

A. It is definitely true that you can try and tackle SEO on your own.  The fact is, you can even have some success at doing it but do you have the time, knowledge or experience to do it right?  Our first step is to do proper research on what the focus needs to be.  Then we weigh the 3 primary element of Search Engine Optimization required to be successful to see where you need to focus your effort and budget in order to for SEO to be as effective & valuable to your business as possible.  Then we take that entire workload off of you allow you to concern yourself with more pressing needs that you can control.  Oh, and on top of that… every few months search engines alter their algorithms of what makes your website more important/relevant than your competitor’s site.  Fun stuff. 

Q. How long do I have to do Search Engine Optimization?

A. Truthfully, forever is the right answer but, that may not be the reality of your business’ situation.  In order to get maximum return, it must be constant and consistent but Advanced Web Solutions is willing to provide you with a range of recommendations for your business and allow you to do it in either a step by step process or allow you to build a SEO package that fits not only the needs and goals of your business, but of your budget. 

Q. Why are the ranking results different in different search engines?

A. Each search engine has unique, proprietary algorithm for determining the value/relevance of a specific website/webpage. These algorithms are extremely complex mathematical formulas that are used to determine website rankings. Each algorithm looks for specific attributes when ranking a website – somewhere in the area of 200-250 different SEO elements are taken into consideration.  The algorithm that Google uses is the most advanced and nets about 70+% of all Canadian search engine traffic. Since Bing & Yahoo! are the other 2 search engines that make up the majority of the remaining search traffic, we integrate specific ranking factors that are favored by them as well to make sure that your site ranks well across the board.

Q. Will SEO get my website ranked higher in Google Maps/Google Local?

A. The Google Maps/Google Local search results utilize a completely different algorithm than the organic results. While it is possible that our work may help you in the maps area of Google, particularly if you have specifically claimed your business listing, we do not track nor report on rankings unless we are actually doing a Local Business Optimization program with your company. 

Q. Will a SEO program increase my Google PageRank?

A. PageRank is not something to be overly concerned with at this point in the evolution of Search Engine Optimization.  At one point in time, it was very important.  Today it isn’t something to specifically strive for since it doesn’t alter the relevancy of the search results.

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase your rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for specific targeted phrases, and increase search referral traffic to bring more qualified business to your website. Google’s “PageRank” is a value placed on a page determined by the corresponding PageRank of pages linking to it. A higher PageRank does not directly translate to a higher ranking position or an increase of traffic/business for your website, and so it is not a specific goal of our SEO programs to increase a page’s PageRank. However, it is not uncommon, and is most likely, that your PageRank will increase as a result of SEO work done by AWS (Advanced Web Solutions).

Q. How can I know for certain that SEO will work? 

A. The reality is that when you trust someone to do work that you are not an expert in, no matter if that is repairing your car, setting up your business I.T. network, home repair/construction or even your Search Engine Optimization campaign, you have to rely on a company with a proven track record of Search Engine Optimization success.  Many SEO companies take the quick route so as to maximize their return without concerning themselves with what your business goals are and helping you truly achieve them.  Advanced Web Solutions will take the time to properly research, with your direct input, what is required in order to make you successful and then put in a place a SEO package to fit both your needs & your budget.   

Q. How has SEO changed through the years?

A. SEO has changed dramatically with the past year or so, not to mention how it has changed since it inception of the 90’s.  If you want to read the highlights of the past few years, please check out our SEO blog entries that summarize some of the key aspects that have changed

Q. How can I sort through what is an SEO Myth/misinformation versus reality ?

A. The answer is a simple one, yet it is a difficult one to nail down.  The simply answer is to make sure you speak to a true SEO professional who is up to date on the latest requirements for effective SEO.  The difficult part is deciphering who is a true professional SEO service provider. Take a moment to read some of the more popular SEO Myths to see if you can find any holes in your current SEO strategy.

Myth #1: Meta Tags are extremely important to your rankings

Myth #2: Search Engine Submission is the best way to let the search engines know who you are

Myth #3: Paid Search participation will help your Organic rankings

Myth #4: Ignore Google – Black Hat SEO works

Myth #5: More websites means more ways to entice prospective customers

Myth #6: I have a website so now people will find my business

Myth #7: My company name is 1st on Google so my site is optimized

Myth #8: My web designer Optimized my website so I’m good to go

Myth #9: Submitting to Multiple Search Engines Improves Visibility

Myth #10: Automated SEO Works

Myth# 11: Your IT Department Can Handle Your SEO Requirements