Effective SEO and Who Says It Doesn’t Work

There are several people, who claim that you should ignore SEO.  They all seem to have a ‘reason’ why SEO doesn’t work but the reality is that it does work, but if you get the wrong company to do it, it has no chance of helping your business grow.

This is from an older article but the message is still 100% true today.  All of those people pitching their form of Online Marketing never take into consideration a holistic approach.

You will NEVER hear me say that SEO is the ONLY thing you should do from a digital marketing perspective.  The right approach is the one that matches your business goals and fits within your budget; all while determining the proper mix and match approach to your resources of time and money to drive maximum return on investment (ROI).

The problem sometimes comes up when effectiveness and affordability expectations don’t, or can’t match up.  From an SEO vantage point, it is generally because a business owner gets 5-10 calls/emails a week from ‘non-domestic’ companies offering SEO services for $100-$200/month.


So for the same price as you can have a repair man come by your home to just look at your washing machine, you can get proper and effective SEO that could make your business ten’s of thousands each year??  Honestly?  C’mon now.


SEO is dead.

SEO Graphic by SEO Book

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