Create A Mobile Website


The fastest growing segment of internet usage is the use of mobile devices so it only makes sense to have a smartphone/tablet user-friendly website.  We build mobile sites for most of our clients nowadays since they recognize the importance of this small cost and the value it can bring to them as a business and their clients.

You need to realize where the mobile search industry is headed as well as what/how your consumers want to interact with you – not just how you dictate how they will.  Read our blog post on asking yourself, do I need a mobile website?

We have a couple alternative in regards to a mobile website for your business:

  1. Responsive Design – This is the newest standard and definitely the most effective way to go.  Your website automatically determines if an incoming user is on a mobile device and then alters its look and feel according to the parameters of that specific device.
  2. A cost effective way is to develop a simplistic website ‘add-on’.  Basically this ‘add-on’, or widget, provides a user with a slimmed down version of your site that is much easier to navigate and strips out most of the supplementary information.

If you are looking at the possibility of a website redesign, allow us to add a mobile site for a fraction of the cost of a standalone project all while ensuring that it is SEO friendly – as this is an extremely important element of proper and effective SEO.  

Is having a Mobile Website important to your business?  Read our latest mobile website blog post or simply read about how mobile website usage is sky-rocketing and is expected to continue to grow at an exceedingly fast pace.