New/Redesigned Website

If you have made the decision that it is either time to build a new website, or redesign the one you currently have, you have come to the right place as Advanced Web Solutions will provide you with exactly what your business needs.

Most of our clients are based in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge area so we are able to meet with our clients, and prospective clients, face-to-face.  We feel that this helps you get a better feel for what we offer and why.  From our behalf, we get to know you in a more personalized way which lends itself to a stronger working relationship – which in turn helps us build a customized website that fits the exact needs of your business.

There are a few answers to questions you should identify prior to starting a project such as a new or redesigned website for your business.

  1. what is the purpose of your website from a business perspective?
  2. what data do you have on hand about your competitor’s online presence?
  3. what data do you have access to with regards to your current website’s performance?
  4. what elements/features would you like to integrate or have removed in your new website?
  5. who will be responsible for pushing this project forward to completion?
  6. do you want a basic website or a business/revenue generating website?
  7. what is my approved budget to make this happen?
  8. what is my time-frame to desired completion?

These are just a few of the questions you should be able to address when we sit down to discuss your upcoming website project.

As mentioned, we prefer to meet to discuss your needs.  Many web designers are more than willing to provide you with a quote.  Without a proper conversation, we are not.  The web designer industry is absolutely full of stories of ‘web-guys’ who provide a quote, only to have the reality of the final invoice be nowhere close to that original quote.  Once we determine what you want to do with your website, we will provide you an agreement stating what your final cost will be – unless the scope of the project changes during the process of course.  You can hold us to that number guaranteed.

If budget is an issue, we have the ability to build you a program that suits your financial and business needs so feel free to contact us today to arrange a conversation as how to proceed with getting your business the website that it both deserves and needs in order to grow your business.

Remember… it doesn’t matter how pretty your website is if nobody can find itSearch Engine Optimization MATTERS.