3 Required Elements Of SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization has three distinct elements that can’t be ignored in order to do it properly:

  1. Site Architecture – a website needs to be built in such a manner, SEO-friendly, that the various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) approve of, in order for them to easily identify the message trying to be conveyed.
  2. Content – the actual text on a webpage needs to match the information that the website architecture is telling the search engines and needs to be in such a way to maximize the value each page of your site brings to the search engines. You need to take into consideration the right quantity as well as the right quality of content.
  3. Links/Backlinks – these are the connections from other webpages to yours that are weighted by the search engines to determine if you website/webpages are important or relevant enough for various queries. These are a mixture of both internal and external links.  The right strategies will get you maximum impact from a traffic generation perspective.


Google takes into consideration 200+ elements in determining the relevancy of each specific webpage they index.  Of this large number of items, the majority of them fall within one of the three elements noted above.  This is what makes SEO such a muddled ‘science’.  That is where we may be able to help.

In an effort to see just how detailed SEO is, here is one well-known SEO specialist’s breakdown of Google’s 200+ SEO ranking factors.  He categorizes them differently than I would, but for our prospective Kitchener/Waterloo SEO customers, Advanced Web Solutions, prefers to keep SEO simple enough so that those who’s knowledge is less advanced can understand just how in-depth, yet important, Search Engine Optimization is to the success of their business.

If you are focused and are actually serious about taking your company to the next level from an online perspective, take a moment to read how the promises of quick and cheap Search Engine Optimization can’t and won’t work for your business.  Also, think about reading our 8 part series on what it takes to implement a successful SEO program.

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