local business optimization


Local Business Optimization

Having a properly optimized Google Places (map) account is a key element of capturing the maximum amount of traffic to your site.  ONLY 50% of users go beyond page 1 of their search results and 50% of those ONLY look at the top 3 listings.  Note that the map portion is ABOVE those 3 organic listings.  Do the math.  If your Google or Bing map listing hasn’t been properly optimized for your local business, you are missing out on traffic that coupled with a proper website development strategy and the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package, could propel you well ahead of your online competition.

Remember, you need to show up in the search results, not just when you Google your company name, but when someone is looking for the product or service you provide.  Consider the cost in revenue that can occur when someone who is looking for your product and service ends up going to the competition.  How much is that sale worth to you right now?  What about the over the lifetime of that client?  It pays to dominate through proper Local Business Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and Website Development – not to mention the other aspects of Online Marketing.