Social Media

Social Media… the ultimate buzzword of the Internet Marketing community of the past while.  It’s the hot topic of the day but Advanced Web Solutions has a different approach to all the Social Media hype.

When someone approaches us about doing a SM (Social Media) program for them, it is amazing the vast number of responses we get in regards to ‘why?’.  We’ve heard everything from, “the boss says to do it”, to “everyone else is doing it”, and everything in between.

I recently sat down with a prospective client who mentioned she thought she needed SM.  I told her yes… but…

-what are her goals with it?

-who would manage it?

-how much value/revenue (direct or spin-off) does she expect?

-what will constitute it being a success to her?

These were just a few of the questions that immediately came to mind.  After working through the answers from a high level, she decided that spending time and money on SM, although a great outreach for her business, was not something to focus on while so many other elements of her online/internet marketing presence required attention.

Do you need Social Media? Yes – but let’s discuss it and determine together where and HOW and IF to proceed in order for your business to best take advantage of this marketing avenue.


Social Media Is Always Expanding

When you look at the Social Media landscape, it is an oh-so dynamic beast.  Some SM sites are going to go just as fast as they arrive on the scene while others actually have some value.  This value comes not only in the way of Search Engine Optimization value, but customer interaction and the ever-so important prospective customer engagement.

There is more to Social Media than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  Take a look at this infographic that not only shows how expansive SM is, but how/where it can fit into your business.

If you are having trouble figuring out why Social Media is important to your SEO goals or even just how you should set up a social media strategy, please contact Advanced Web Solutions to discuss our various Social Media packages.