Google Plus as a Local Optimization tool

As a local business, is local optimization important?  Does Google Plus play any part in helping my local business rankings?  Is this even necessary?

If you consider Google+ a form of Social Media and you have read any of my blog posts regarding this topic, you may already know my thoughts – don’t do it if you’re not going to get serious about it.  You may never find that the ROI works out in your favour.

That isn’t to say that 100% is still isn’t worth it, it’s just that you may not be worth the time & effort in drumming up new/repeat business.  As a business ‘best practice’, it is very much worth the effort but don’t buy into the hype that Social Media is the be all and end all of your Internet Marketing efforts.

Here is an article that speaks to some of the benefits of being involved in Google Plus as a tool to improve your local optimization efforts.

For those of you who are currently involved in an SEO project, or considering one, please ensure that if you are concerned about attracting local customers, Local Business Optimization MUST be apart of your overall SEO strategy –  especially since the Google Pigeon update July 2014.

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