SEO: Invest In Your Online Success

In a room of you and those who offer or provide equivalent products/services, what makes you different, or better, than them?  Everyone wants to be number 1 in attracting new business, so how can you out perform your competition in the online space?

Most every business realizes that the world is, or is moving quickly, towards an online world.  The average consumer relies on the internet and the opinions found on reputable and reliable online resources to help them make buying decisions.  When was the last time you flipped through the Yellow Pages to find a product or service?  It just doesn’t happen on any regularity these days.

Knowing that having a presence on the World Wide Web is an essential step one.  For a lot of businesses though, they search for the cheapest website design or designer they can find (read about what the difference is between website design & website development) and then claim a URL that is, or is close to their business name to put it on. They now feel that they’ve conquered the WWW and are ready to attract clients to their business.


Unfortunately most of these businesses have very little background what it takes to be successful in the online world in regards to ranking at or near the top for their products/services and they rely on their website design company for advice.  Well, I look at websites every single day where the website design person ‘did’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a site.  Oh boy.  What a cornucopia of crappy work.  I guess it is understandable though when you consider that those that do website design, worry about how pretty a website is and not how effective is it.  Visually pleasing versus achieving business functionality/goals – generating revenue should win every time.

Since the primary benefit of Search Engine Optimization is to improve the visibility of your website within search engines (who rule the entire online space – Google is by far the leader here), logically, SEO becomes the foundation from which all other internet marketing elements are based on.  You can invest boat loads of money on expensive SEM/PPC campaigns, fancy/expensive websites, conversion optimization or various social media campaigns as part of your larger online marketing strategy, but without proper Search Engine Optimization, you are essentially peeing into the wind.

Are these various strategies wrong?  Definitely not.  Individually, some of them can be extremely valuable and successful when properly leveraged within a complete internet marketing plan.

The point of this rambling is that Search Engine Optimization is THE key element of your entire internet strategy and you need to set aside proper resources (time, people and money) to get results.  It is well worth it when working with a company with a proven track record.

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