Mobile Websites – Just Do It

Big news… smartphones are popular!

Of course that isn’t earth shattering news, but the way some small businesses looking for website design in Kitchener-Waterloo area treat their online marketing you would think that they didn’t realize this.

Of course here at Advanced Web Solutions we preach that everything that you do in the online space needs to either run through the eyes of SEO in order to have its maximum impact for your business.  That being said, business owners tend to dismiss the importance that mobile websites can have on their business.

As a business owner/manager, I don’t image you could picture running your business without the smartphone that you currently have within arm’s reach of you at this very moment.  A large number of internet users find their smartphone just as important of a tool in their everyday life.

Today the internet, and more specifically your website, is the ‘front door’ to your business.  It is what a large percentage of prospective customers see first and how they judge your business.  Do you have a professional, up-to-date image?  Are you informative?  Are you easy to deal/interact with?  Etc, etc.

If you couple together the idea that a large percentage of people ‘live’ on their mobile device, as well as your website is the first point of contact a prospective customer will have with you, ask yourself if the version of your mobile website is providing a quality user experience?  Is it easy to use?  Easy to navigate?  Easy to contact you?  Are you better than your competition?

Internet users want things quick and easy and Mobile website users want things REAL quick & easy.  The RIGHT information must be easily accessible.  No searching, no resizing, no clicking on small buttons, poor graphics, no constantly swiping side to side.  Easy.

Advanced Web Solutions doesn’t even build ‘regular’ websites anymore – unless otherwise asked to.  We build our websites with responsive design so that no matter how your mobile website is accessed (desktop or various sized tablets/smartphones) the user will have a top notch experience.  We can also build a mobile website utilizing a widget that realizes that a user is on a mobile device and then serves up a slimmed down version of your website with minimal information yet has access to the full desktop version.

If you are in the market for a new website design in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge & Guelph area, please consider how important it is to couple this with a mobile website strategy.  Advanced Web Solutions is an SEO company as well as a website development company that can help with this.  We will help keep you focused on the fact that Search Engine Optimization NEEDS to be taken into account right from the start in order to not have to backtrack your strategy to generate as much quality traffic as possible to your website.

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