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What Problem Does My Website Solve?

Once you’ve determined WHO your website is for, and WHAT your website should do, you need to ask yourself one final question… what PROBLEM(S) does my website SOLVE?

Cheap Website Design – Too Good to be True

I met a prospective client today to discuss his online marketing and more precisely his SEO effectiveness. The subject inevitably turned to his current website situation (since how a website is designed/developed is an important component of proper SEO). At this point his mood changed dramatically.

Why Am I Being Sold Paid Ads in Google?

Because it’s easy.

The answer is just that simple… almost.

Buy What You Want or Need

Makes sense doesn’t it?  If your business wants or needs a particular product, service or approach to solve a specific business requirement, you’d think that is what you’d buy.  When it comes to SEO, SEM or other Internet/Digital Marketing initiatives, you probably didn’t or won’t actually do that when push comes to shove.

How Much Should SEO Services Cost?

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question, I’d have no need of selling SEO services in Kitchener and area!

Mobile Websites – Just Do It

Big news… smartphones are popular!

Of course that isn’t earth shattering news, but the way some small businesses looking for website design in Kitchener-Waterloo area treat their online marketing you would think that they didn’t realize this.

Myth #8: I Already Did My SEO Optimization

So you heard the SEO Optimization was important so you went ahead and got someone to do your SEO… probably your website designer or someone with a foreign accent* who called you 200 times and promised you the world.

Now that you’re done, what is the next step for your website and your online marketing?

Myth #7: I’m At The Top So I’m Done Optimizing

SEO is a funny ‘science’.  It isn’t something that you can conquer.  Once you’re at the top, it may take considerable effort to stay there because it’s a lot easier to slide than it is to climb.  SEO can’t be ignored.

Myth #6: Having A Website Means Customers Will Find Me

I laugh every time I see a Go Daddy commercial where the insinuation is that all a business needs is a website to take the online world by storm.  All of a sudden, just because you have a website, prospective customers will magically find your business, instead of your competition, and buy your products/services.

Apparently Search Engine Optimization means nothing because of the billions of webpages on the internet, prospective customers will just magically find you and not your competition!?!

If it were only that easy.

SEO Myth #3 – Paid Search Bolsters Organic Results

In order to get the maximum impact of your SEO efforts, many people believe that SEO isn’t complete until you participate in Pay-Per-Click/AdWords/SEM/Paid Search.  The companies who pay millions of dollars each month to buy traffic through these methods would sure like to think that it works.  Unfortunately it has been proven time and time again that SEM does NOT affect your SEO ranking efforts at all.