Flyin’ Fisch – website design

The online presence for AMSOIL synthetic motor oil products was relatively weak at best as it was a mish-mash of home-based businesses that did not project well online.  Flyin’ Fisch decided they wanted to design a website that would stand out from the crowd.

Their search led them to Advanced Web Solutions to design and develop an entirely new website look and feel so that prospective customers would understand the depth of product knowledge they have as well as provide the ability to view & order their entire product line.

There were some definite hurdles in this specific website design project centred around dealing with AMSOIL and their rules as well as their ecommerce platform.  With that being said, we developed a website that married the needs of Flyin’ Fisch’s customers as well as their corporate attachment.

One of the driving factors in the Flyin’ Fisch website design was to maximize conversions for their 3 product lines.  We wanted a customer to quickly identify the appropriate product line and funnel them towards either education or purchasing.  Even if education was a M.O. of a prospective customer, the ability to easily make a purchase was always top of mind – which is really the difference between a pretty website design and one that focuses on Conversion Optimization, or Click Rate Optimization (CRO).

Lastly, as more and more consumers shop or educate themselves on purchases, developing a Mobile-Friendly web design was a paramount concern.  Over 50% of all Google searches are done from a mobile platform which makes appeasing Google’s mobile algorithm extremely important.

If you need a website design company in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, please do not hesitate to contact Advanced Web Solutions to assist you and lead you in the direction of more revenue generated and not just website make-over.