Basic SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has some basic elements that the smallest business can utilize for the benefit of their online presence if they have the time and a tiny bit of working knowledge of their website.
1.  Make sure your website is crawlable

It may seem silly to point this out, but if Google can’t see, find or catalogue your website, it can’t be listed as an option for user queries.  Sometimes sites have hidden pages which you may know about, but Google doesn’t.  An improper robot.txt file can prevent search engines from processing the information found on your site.  If the search engines don’t have proper access to your website, all the SEO efforts in the world won’t make a difference.

2.  Use the right words

The content on your site must be written for those who would potentially be searching for your specific product/service.  Every industry uses verbiage that is specific to those within the industry but an end consumer may not use that same terminology.  If that is the case, write for those who could/will BUY from you – not the industry geeks or your competitors.  Write for your end user, not for yourself.

3.  Write compelling content

Content is core to any SEO program.  Simply writing a bunch of content isn’t generally enough.  It can have some value, but the real value is found when your content is shared.  If it is valuable enough to share, you have the opportunity to have your reach extend many times beyond your typical reach.

4.  Insert a Title/Description on important pages

Every page should have a title & description, but especially your most important pages.  Proper SEO in regards to this element will help the search engines identify/define and catalogue the precise topic of your specific pages and your website as a whole.  The more often and precise your website’s relevance is to the search engines, the more likely you are to rank higher.

5.  Use tools available to you

If you leverage certain tools, your SEO efforts can be measured, analysed and validated more easily.  Tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, various SEO blogs (such as this one!) and various SEO videos can go a long way in helping your SEO efforts.

Please note that even though these are valid SEO tips that will help your website’s rankings, there is a difference between doing them, and really doing them!  For example, the point above about compelling content is SO much more than just writing some contextual copy.  Where is it on the page?  What words are where?  How many words?  How many keywords?  Does the technical elements of the page match up?  The list of HOW to build proper content goes on and on, but note that some effort on your own can go a long ways even without the help of a professional SEO company such as Advanced Web Solutions.

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