What Should My Website Do?

Should it be pretty?  Should it explain why someone should do business with me?  Should it display my products/services?  Should it shout my Mission Statement loud and clear?  Should it provide prospective buyers the reasons to deal with me?  Should it entertain/inform/educate?  Yes… But…

Think about how the average online journey begins.  In today’s ultra-fast paced environment you may have trouble thinking about that fraction of a second that started your Google (I mean you don’t use Bing do you?!?!) journey. It was undoubtedly a question.


It may have been to solve a bet with a buddy, or answer a silly question, or may have even had specific intent but then got sidetracked.  Whatever the genesis of the journey, it was most likely a need or want; and that need/want, was acted upon in the form of a question.


As a business owner with a website, you need to think like both a current/past client AND a prospective new client.  Thinking like a current client should be easy.  Your clients know you, know your product and most likely understand your lingo/’industry speak’.


Prospective customers may require an entirely different approach.  They may not know you, your lingo, your products and how they differ from the competition.  They may not be familiar with the benefits of your products/services even though they may be perfectly obvious to you.  If they aren’t as knowledgeable as you about your products/services, what potential questions would/could they be asking themselves in order to find their way to your website?


This can be summed up by asking yourself, “how many questions does my website answer?”


Of course having an attractive website design is a key element when creating a website; and, insuring that proper conversion analysis is part of the overall design is absolutely key to turning website visitors into customers; but, if your website doesn’t answer the questions that prospective customers have when researching/buying your product or service, you will not be flipping them from potential to actual customers.


This is where taking a more holistic approach is the ONLY way to approach your website design/development project.



Each of these disciplines, when working together, will ensure that your website is both designed AND developed in order to not only drive traffic TO your website, but to convert them to CUSTOMERS once they get there.


Your friend’s uncle’s kid who built a couple websites on the side isn’t going to get you to where you need your business to be.  Advanced Web Solutions will provide the strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your website – the foundation to all of your online marketing endeavours.

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