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What Should My Website Do?

Should it be pretty?  Should it explain why someone should do business with me?  Should it display my products/services?  Should it shout my Mission Statement loud and clear?  Should it provide prospective buyers the reasons to deal with me?  Should it entertain/inform/educate?  Yes… But…


Cheap Website Design – Too Good to be True

I met a prospective client today to discuss his online marketing and more precisely his SEO effectiveness. The subject inevitably turned to his current website situation (since how a website is designed/developed is an important component of proper SEO). At this point his mood changed dramatically.

Why Am I Being Sold Paid Ads in Google?

Because it’s easy.

The answer is just that simple… almost.

Social Media – Are You Peeing Into the Wind?

As a man I have been blessed with ‘outdoor plumbing’ giving me the ability to more easily relieve myself than a woman, when the urge strikes.  As a young boy you learn early to determine which direction the wind is coming from so as to not drench yourself.

When you don’t take into consideration WHEN to post to a Social Media site, you run the risk of peeing on yourself instead of your intended target.

Value Opportunity Missed for Digital Marketing Spend

Receiving value for any aspect of your business is vital.  Your Digital Marketing is no different.  On its own, Digital, or Online Marketing is an ever expanding field that encompasses things such as Search Engine Optimization, inventory marketplace proliferation, email marketing, SEM, conversion analysis, website design/development, etc., etc.  Recently I was doing some work for a company who had the opportunity to move equivalent spend from print to digital and decided not to.

I was shocked with their decision.  It is almost 2014 isn’t it???

Advanced Web Solutions – SEO, Website Design & Online Marketing

Almost everyone today uses the internet in some form in order to make a buying decision – either directly or indirectly. This is precisely the reason why you need an online marketing strategy. Advanced Web Solutions wants to help your business grow by having you put your marketing money where it needs to be in order to gain your best value and impact.


Not only can we provide you professional website design & development whose architecture follows what today’s search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) want to see, but with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs designed specifically for both your needs AND your budget, we will help your business draw in more prospective customers, higher valued prospects and better qualified business.


Although Advanced Web Solutions builds SEO friendly websites for businesses in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding area, we also recognize that Online Marketing goes well beyond these two disciplines; which is why we also can bring our expertise and experience in the areas of analytics, social media, mobile marketing/search, SEM/PPC, site conversion and demand generation.


Even if you outside of the immediate Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph area (in the GTA, Toronto, Stratford, London, Milton area, etc) we are more than willing to sit down face-to-face to discuss the requirements and goals of your specific website or SEO project in order to provide you with the very best results for you business.  Feel free to contact Advanced Web Solutions today.


If you happen to be looking to stay up to date with an Kitchener/Waterloo SEO company, please check out our informative SEO blog touching on our experiences with local SEO customers and pitfalls to be aware of.  Here is a sample of some of our latest SEO blog entries:


Choosing the right SEO expert within your local area is key in building an effective & strong online-digital presence.  Let Advanced Web Solutions help direct your path in a way that will drive you more business for the right return on investment.