What Problem Does My Website Solve?

Once you’ve determined WHO your website is for, and WHAT your website should do, you need to ask yourself one final question… what PROBLEM(S) does my website SOLVE?

Your first course of action needs to be identifying what problems/questions are associated with the purchase of your products/services and how long the sales cycle is in solving all the problems/questions associated with this type of purchase.


You may require some 3rd party assistance in truly discovering all the knowledge gaps of your typical customer or prospective customer (as they are/can be very different) in order to accurately identify and catalogue the problems that your website should be solving.


Of course a website design cannot simply, or properly address this need.  This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO), when properly done, including an all-encompassing strategy, really pays dividends in driving quality, quantified traffic to your site.   Your website design can assist your SEO campaign from a number of different perspectives, but alone, no matter how pretty (which is a subject determination anyway) your design is, it will not provide the answers to the variety of questions/problems that users could potentially find on your site.


If your website isn’t ranking high enough for the queries (questions) that prospective buyers are asking of search engines, your site will never be the answer, which means you will never get that click, which means you will never get that sale.

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