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What Problem Does My Website Solve?

Once you’ve determined WHO your website is for, and WHAT your website should do, you need to ask yourself one final question… what PROBLEM(S) does my website SOLVE?

Hiring The Best Kitchener SEO Company

A large number of companies in the Kitchener-Waterloo area contact me on a weekly basis that have no idea what they should be asking Advanced Web Solutions to do in regards to SEO.  That opens them up to being taken advantage of by lesser SEO companies.

Successful SEO Company Claims

I love coming across customers who have a web design company doing their SEO.  Generally I get to laugh until it hurts.  Unfortunately, the real hurt is to the company that they’ve ‘helped’.

SEO Myth #1 – Importance of Meta Tags

In the early days of Search Engine Optimization, you could get away with simply altering the meta data within your website and you could then consider you website ‘Optimized’.  The days of one stop SEO are long gone – but unfortunately many SEO companies still sell clients on techniques that simply don’t work anymore.


What Should a SEO Program Include? – Part 7

Analysis of your SEO Program

Because you initially set out the goals of your Search Engine Optimization project you will now want to determine if this SEO thing has been worth it to your business since your internet marketing dollar can be spent in several different ways.

What Should a SEO Program Include? – Part 6

Website Links-Backlinks

In the not so recent past you could simply hire/buy X number of backlinks and you could dominate your competition.  The more links you had the higher you’d rank.  Then search engines started to take into account the quality of the sites linking to your site.  As Google’s algorithm gained sophistication, they were more easily, and with greater accuracy, the true nature and quality of each link.  It call came to a head in 2012 with the Panda update from Google.  Then all heck hit the proverbial fan!

What Should a SEO Program Include? – Part 5

Content Development

As we mentioned in part 4, proper Search Engine Optimization keyword research & analysis is extremely important, but unless there is effective SEO content developed to back them up, your SEO program isn’t going to see the results that it should.

What should a SEO program include? – part 3

Technical Website Analysis

Don’t mistake a Technical Website Analysis as being the same thing as professional Website design/development.  Your website is the foundation, for not only SEO, but for all of your internet marketing efforts.  This makes taking an in-depth look at your website from a technical perspective is an absolute necessity and is the first element of three to ensure that a proper Search Engine Optimization project will actually work.

What should a SEO program include? – part 1

Expectations of a SEO Service Provider

Our advanced Search Engine Optimization programs are all-encompassing and take into account the way SEO in Kitchener and area is meant to be done, according to Google, today.  That may seem obvious to the casual, uninitiated observer, but this is far from what happens in reality today.