Myth #10: You Can Automate SEO

With Google looking at 200+ aspects of each webpage they index, can automating your SEO efforts really pay off?  Will I get the results that you want?  Will you stay ahead of the competition?

May be.  Probably not.  Probably not.

SEO Optimization is a very dynamic ‘science’. It doesn’t matter if you live in Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto or Sydney, Australia, what works in regards to improving your SEO rankings is ALWAYS changing (FYI: Google makes 250-500+ changes to its algorithm yearly).  With that in mind, how could a piece of software keep up with that amount of change?

Let’s go back to the 3 questions in the opening paragraph.

Will automating SEO payoff?  I say ‘may be’.

If your industry and your geographical marketplace aren’t all that competitive, then investing in some software that automates some elements of SEO might work for you.  The problem arises when you make a poor choice.  An example of this would be No Hands SEO.  Their software automates backlinking including blogs.  Sounds great on the surface, but backlinks are given only a small fraction of SEO weighing now and poor backlinks will be penalized.  Is this piece of software truly going to search out quality links? Of course not.  Professionally managed SEO with a proper backlinking strategy is the only way to maximize the value of backlinks and ensure that your website isn’t penalized, or banned from Google.

And of course, this automated linking is only taking into consideration a small aspect of a proper linking strategy and completely ignoring the other 2 primary elements of SEO.

Will you get the SEO results you expect?  I say ‘probably not’.

It depends on your expectations.  If you haven’t been doing anything and you expect a small lift in rankings, than you will not be disappointed.  The thing is I have yet to speak to a prospective client who has small expectations for any SEO efforts they invest in.  Please take the time to educate yourself on what a well-run, truly professional and effective SEO campaign should consist of.

Will you stay ahead of your competition?  I say ‘probably not’.

Why take the cheap and easy way out only to let your competitor beat you to prospective customers by investing in proper SEO?  If they don’t, then you have very little to worry about.  If you don’t truly want to beat your competition to customers who are looking for your products/services, then you have nothing to worry about.

SEO isn’t a game, but you certainly can win by leveraging a quality SEO company in the Kitchener-Waterloo area like Advanced Web Solutions.


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