Myth #8: I Already Did My SEO Optimization

So you heard the SEO Optimization was important so you went ahead and got someone to do your SEO… probably your website designer or someone with a foreign accent* who called you 200 times and promised you the world.

Now that you’re done, what is the next step for your website and your online marketing?

Start again – but do your SEO right this time.

You simply can’t optimize your website for search engines once and be done with it.  Some SEO elements, if your business type and competitive landscape is fairly static, when properly researched AND properly implemented, do not have to be altered.  Well, that is if the search engines don’t change their algorithm – which Google does some 250-400, on average, each year.

When you look at the 3 primary aspects of SEO as I like to lay them out as: architecture, linking & content, SEO friendly website architecture is the ONLY element where there is an outside shot of not having to alter.  The other two, and especially content, require constant work and re-working in order to get the best possible search engine ranking results for a variety of queries.

Unfortunately a lot of SEO companies simply do not fully understand what true SEO really is.  They generally put into practice aspects that are easy for them to do but are definitely not up-to-date techniques, which will have little to no effect on your website’s performance.  Worse yet, they may lead to a decrease in rankings or penalties.

FYI… Please don’t call Advanced Web Solutions to fix penalties given to you by search engines UNLESS you realize that you took the cheap route to ‘one time SEO’ and are now ready to get serious about it and want to do proper SEO.

In an effort to save time, read the comment from Adrian Brambila.  It does a good job of summarizing why you can’t simply set-and-forget your SEO Optimization efforts.


*Let me clarify my comment above.  I’m not saying that foreigners can’t do SEO.  Not at all.  I receive as well as hear stories every day of businesses receiving unsolicited calls and emails from people/companies from across the ocean who promise amazing, quick SEO results.  Their English is poor, their grammar and spelling are even worse, yet they claim to be able to so proper SEO for less than you can hire your office cleaners.  When they end up doing a poor job, what is your recourse against them?  How can you monitor what they’re doing for you?  How can you be assured that they aren’t just part of a group of people hired to do some select, easy basics and then ignore the core aspects of SEO?

That is why Advanced Web Solutions prefers focus their SEO Services in the Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge Ontario area.  That way we can sit down face to face to identify what your specific SEO needs and goals are and develop a proper SEO strategy, according to your budget, to make your local Kitchener-Waterloo business success with their online marketing demands. 

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