Myth #6: Having A Website Means Customers Will Find Me

I laugh every time I see a Go Daddy commercial where the insinuation is that all a business needs is a website to take the online world by storm.  All of a sudden, just because you have a website, prospective customers will magically find your business, instead of your competition, and buy your products/services.

Apparently Search Engine Optimization means nothing because of the billions of webpages on the internet, prospective customers will just magically find you and not your competition!?!

If it were only that easy.

Search Engines are where users go to search for your company but more importantly, it is where they go to search for information on products & services that your business happens to offer.  Even more importantly, they use them to find who offers those services and then compares the competition before deciding who to contact & deal with.  If you haven’t spent more effort on proper SEO than your competition, than prospective customers are going to call them for business and not you.  That equates to revenue lost.

Sometimes I laugh (inwardly) when a business owner says that they are already ‘in Google’, or that their company ‘shows right at the top’.  Well if a user is going to search for you company name, you damn well better be in the top 2 or you’ve got huge problems.  The thing to realize is that if a user searches for your company name specifically, they are already going to do business with you.

Quality SEO makes it so that you show up on a SERP before your competition does and keeps you there, for users that are searching for products & services that you offer.  If your business has an absolute monopoly on a specific product or service than you can actually get away with simply putting up a website and away you go.

Unfortunately that isn’t the way that the world works.  SEO, in conjunction with a SEO friendly website should be an essential component of any online, digital, internet marketing effort.


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