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Social Media – Are You Peeing Into the Wind?

As a man I have been blessed with ‘outdoor plumbing’ giving me the ability to more easily relieve myself than a woman, when the urge strikes.  As a young boy you learn early to determine which direction the wind is coming from so as to not drench yourself.

When you don’t take into consideration WHEN to post to a Social Media site, you run the risk of peeing on yourself instead of your intended target.

You Need a Website Not Just a Facebook Page

This blog entry stems from a frustration of mine this past weekend.  All I wanted was a pizza originally but now all you get is a rant about business owners who think they know what they’re doing.

If you were going to put all your eggs in one basket from a business perspective, don’t rely on Facebook to be the solution.

Your website is your online advertising starting point

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I am definitely a fan of the CBC television show Dragon’s Den, and the US version to a lesser extent, the Shark Tank.  Time and time again small business people come onto the show with their great business idea looking for money.  When the Dragon’s ask about their sales numbers, it is shocking to me just how many of them say something like, “we have sold X within Y timeframe with only having a website, no advertising.”

This hurts me every time I hear it.  A properly designed website (containing proper SEO architecture) is your key to online advertising.  A website IS your company’s advertising.

Common Social Media Mistakes

There are no Participation Badges for Social Media, Search Engine Optimization or any other forms of Internet Marketing. Just doing it isn’t good enough. It MUST be done right or it could have the absolute opposite effect you are looking for.

Is Social Media Important – maybe, yes, no

While the entire internet marketing/SEO industry seems to be clamoring over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other Social Media (SM) outlets, I take a different approach when asked, “Is Social Media important for my business?”