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Cheap Website Design – Too Good to be True

I met a prospective client today to discuss his online marketing and more precisely his SEO effectiveness. The subject inevitably turned to his current website situation (since how a website is designed/developed is an important component of proper SEO). At this point his mood changed dramatically.

So You Could Do That Yourself Eh?

I recently met with a client who we did a new logo for.  As we worked through various iterations of potential logos, the client eventually settled on a very simple, yet professional looking logo.  After making the selection, they stood back and said, “You know, I could have done that.” (as it was essentially text based)

Duplicate Content & Mobile Websites

A serious problem can arise when you have duplicate content issues; but due to improper website design/configuration or more specifically, poor mobile website set-up by your ‘web guy’, you won’t even be aware of how much damage your site is inflicting on your SEO & overall searchability.

You Need a Website Not Just a Facebook Page

This blog entry stems from a frustration of mine this past weekend.  All I wanted was a pizza originally but now all you get is a rant about business owners who think they know what they’re doing.

If you were going to put all your eggs in one basket from a business perspective, don’t rely on Facebook to be the solution.

What should a SEO program include? – part 3

Technical Website Analysis

Don’t mistake a Technical Website Analysis as being the same thing as professional Website design/development.  Your website is the foundation, for not only SEO, but for all of your internet marketing efforts.  This makes taking an in-depth look at your website from a technical perspective is an absolute necessity and is the first element of three to ensure that a proper Search Engine Optimization project will actually work.

Your website is your online advertising starting point

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I am definitely a fan of the CBC television show Dragon’s Den, and the US version to a lesser extent, the Shark Tank.  Time and time again small business people come onto the show with their great business idea looking for money.  When the Dragon’s ask about their sales numbers, it is shocking to me just how many of them say something like, “we have sold X within Y timeframe with only having a website, no advertising.”

This hurts me every time I hear it.  A properly designed website (containing proper SEO architecture) is your key to online advertising.  A website IS your company’s advertising.

Is Website Usability Important?

This blog entry is being done in the heat of the moment so please bear with me!

I’m always looking for tools to assist me and my clients in order that they get the very best results from there website and internet marketing initiatives so when I found a free, great sounding tool to use, I jumped at it – only problem was, to use the website to download this tool was a nightmare.